Our Healthy & Flexible Weight Loss Guide with Tips and Ideas for all those who want to lose weight by healthy eating and flexible dieting...

The Flexi Guide.



About our Flexi Guide...

When you buy our Guide, you will be provided with useful information and tips on what you should do to start losing weight by flexible dieting and healthy eating. 

On this guide you will also find a Weight Tracker and a Meal Planner which you will surely find very handy during your healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey. But, that's not all! You will also get meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack/treat ideas as well.



Please Note:

Our Flexi Guide is not a diet but a guide with useful information to help you get started and keep you going on the right track. Our Flexi Guide is a simple but great guide for all those who want to start their healthy lifestyle and slimming journey. To buy this Flexi Guide see the buying options below and should you wish to ask us anything about it, feel free to contact us for more details, on our Facebook page.




How to buy our Healthy & Flexible Weight Loss Guide:

​​​​​(You have 2 options to choose from).

Option 1

- By Email.

​​​​To buy our NEW and informative Flexi Guide by email in PDF format, kindly click on the button below to pay by PayPal.

After payment, you will receive the Flexi Guide by email (PayPal email address). 

If for any reason, you don't receive the Guide by email in 24 hours' time, please contact us by email on: behealthymalta@gmail.com or by a private message on our Facebook page.

Once you have the Flexi Guide saved on your computer, print a copy so that you'll find it easier to read and to follow.

Price of Flexi Guide in PDF format by email:

30 Euros

Available in: Maltese & English




If you want to buy our Flexi Guide and receive it by email but don't want to use PayPal, you can pay by cheque, by BOV Mobile to Mobile Payment or by Revolut.

To send payment by the BOV Mobile to Mobile Payment or Revolut, use the following number: 79836375.

For any questions/queries, feel free to contact us on the above mentioned number, on our Facebook page, or by email on behealthymalta@gmail.com. If you want online weekly follow ups as well (recommended), contact us for more information or, click here.




Option 2

- By Delivery.

If you prefer to receive our Flexi Guide (printed and in a flat file) by delivery, and you want to pay by cash, cheque, by BOV Mobile to Mobile Payment or by Revolut, contact us by sending us a private message on our Facebook page. In your message, please write your name, address and mobile phone number and then we will contact you with date and time of delivery. 

Price of Flexi Guide by Delivery:

35 Euros

Available in: Maltese & English

If you want online weekly follow ups as well (recommended), let us know so that we will provide you with more information or, click here.






When you buy our Flexi Guide, you are paying for information, tips and advice to lose weight by healthy eating and flexible dieting. Therefore, please note that our Flexi Guide is a non-returnable item. 



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